A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Kingdom Sostis is a tower defense game set in a medieval and magical world. It challenges the player in 10 battles of gradually increasing difficulty fought to preserve the kingdom's freedom.

Armies of savages attack your lands! As a fearless and valorous leader you were assigned the task of defending your people. Play as your King's "General of the Army" and lead the defensive endeavors of the crown against the marching enemy forces.

Do you have what it takes to preserve freedom?

To be victorious, you will need to:

  • Deploy towers in strategic locations to eliminate the enemy forces.
  • Level your towers up to increase their efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Collect stars by winning battles.
  • Use stars to upgrade your towers and unlock extra features.
  • Master unique powers to aid your noble cause.
  • Earn achievements.
  • Fight against a variety of enemy units (ground, air, naval).
  • Face fearsome and merciless bosses.
  • Have a strategic and wiseful mind!

King's Message

We depend entirely upon your skill, determination and leadership.
Our freedom lies in your hands.
Long live Kingdom Sostis!


The awesome soundtrack of the game is available for download too!

Install instructions

Extract the downloaded zip file.

Linux Players

Get in the Linux directory and run Kingdom Sostis.x86 if you are on a 32-bit system or Kingdom Sostis.x86_64 if you are on a 64-bit system. You might need to make the file executable first. Right click, properties, permissions, allow executing file as program (that's how it's done on Ubuntu, on other linux distributions the process might vary).

Windows Players

Get in the Windows directory. If you are on a 32-bit system get in the 32-bit directory and run Kingdom Sostis.exe. If you are on a 64-bit system get in the 64-bit directory and run Kingdom Sostis.exe.


Kingdom Sostis Full Game.zip 115 MB
Kingdom Sostis Soundtrack.zip 50 MB